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Are you and your partner:


  • Sensing a diminishing spark or a growing distance between each other?

  • Finding yourselves at a crossroads, uncertain about the fate of your relationship?

  • Grappling with significant changes or facing high levels of stress?

  • Seeking guidance in handling a potential separation?

  • Engaging in recurring arguments or escalating fights?

It's worth noting that couples counselling isn't reserved for relationships in crisis. Perhaps you simply feel the need for a tune-up or a refreshing restart. Alternatively, you might require support in addressing a specific issue together.

Our psychologists who provide couples counselling are trained in the Gottman Method.

Couples counselling provides a safe and supportive space for partners to explore and understand their dynamics, communication patterns, and emotional needs. A skilled psychologist facilitates constructive conversations, offering guidance to enhance communication, build empathy, and foster a deeper connection between partners. 


Couples counselling addresses a range of issues, including conflict resolution, intimacy issues, trust issues, and overall relationship satisfaction. By encouraging open dialogue and providing tools to manage conflicts, couples counselling empowers individuals to work together towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. 


Seeking professional assistance can contribute to long-lasting positive changes, promoting mutual understanding and strengthening the foundation of the partnership.

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